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This past week my friend Hosanna and I set out for an adventure and spent a few days at Oheka Castle in Long Island.  If you're unfamiliar with Oheka, it's a historical mansion that once belonged to Otto Kahn (who was rumored to be the inspiration for Fitzgerald's Gatsby)!  After being abandoned and ransacked during the mid-1900s, the castle was restored in the '80s and now serves as a hotel and event venue.  

Staying at Oheka was absolutely incredible.  Hosanna and I definitely needed a break from school and it was nice to get away from the city for a little while.  During our stay, we wandered the castle and explored the various rooms such as the reading room and ballroom.  We also spent a fair amount of time outdoors since the weather was actually nice for once.  Though it was a bit disappointing that there weren't leaves or flowers outside, I'm glad we visited during the off-season because we basically had the whole place to ourselves.  Overall, I really enjoyed by stay at Oheka and wouldn't be opposed to coming back for another visit!

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