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I recently had the lovely opportunity of collaborating again with the super talented Rebekah Lowin.  We've had two photoshoots before, but this by far was one of my favorites.  In preparation for her show 'I Know You By Heart: The Songs of Eva Cassidy', we took these photos outside surrounded by gorgeous greenery and tried to capture the spirit of the outsdoors-loving Eva Cassidy.

 'I Know You By Heart' is a celebration of the late jazz singer's life who passed away at age 33 from melanoma.  Rebekah was inspired by Eva's talent and story and took it upon herself to do extensive research on Eva's life and created this show to remember her legacy.  If you're interested in attending the show, it will be offered on June 21st at 9:30pm, July 8th at 7pm, and August 7th at 9:30pm at The Metropolitan Room on 34 W 22nd St.  Tickets are available here and a portion of the proceeds will go towards the Melanoma Research Foundation!

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