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I recently came back from a short road trip to Nashville with a few friends. Chicago and DC are the usual road trip destinations, but we decided to venture down south to experience Nashville for the first time! We started out our visit in East Nashville, the burgeoning neighborhood past the Cumberland River across from downtown. East Nashville reminded me a lot of Williamsburg with its cute coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping. A few highlights include: coffee at Barista Parlor (which was once a car repair garage!), burgers at The Pharmacy, vinyl shopping at The Groove, and vintage shopping at Local Honey. We also spent time downtown, visiting the famous Music Row, which had more live music than I could have ever imagined. There were probably at least 20 bars/venues, each with their own live music performance -- I guess they don't call it Music City for nothing? In addition to the music scene, I was also impressed by the city's overall architecture and design, especially the convention center and the John Seigenthaler pedestrian bridge. It seems like I fall in love with each new city that I visit... Nashville, I will definitely be back!

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  1. Wow, you seem to have lots of fun there and I am so pleased that you also took time to share your special moments here with us. This weekend I also have been to a cool party at local party venue New York. It was truly a great fun to be there.


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